Daily reasons to quit your job and go your own way - Because your employer doesn't care if you die

Daily reasons to quit your job and go your own way

Because your employer doesn’t care if you die

Your employer makes you take courses on the dangers of the poisonous gas H2S. Yet when the H2S alarms go off on your work site and you evacuate to the muster point, you’re the only one there. Everyone else goes on working, knowing that their supervisers won’t like it if they down their tools. Your employer doesn’t care, because they’ve made you take the courses that emphasized that you must evacuate to the muster point when the H2S alarms go off, so if you fail to do so, it’s you who’ll be responsible for you death by poisonous gas.

Your employer makes you drive over high mountain passes through snowstorms in the dark of the night, having had no sleep for 24 hours or more, regardless of whether the trip is urgent, regardless of whether it might be done more safely after the snowstorms in the daylight by a well-slept driver. Too many of your co-workers have fallen asleep at the wheel under such circumstances; too many have broken their backs after their vehicle has plunged over a steep drop; too many have died. Your employer doesn’t care, because they can always blame it on driver error.

They don’t care if you die, as long as they can blame your death on you.

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