Daily reasons to quit your job and go your own way - Because you don't need much

Daily reasons to quit your job and go your own way

Because you don’t need much

For some people, no house will ever be enough.

No sooner have they paid the first month’s rent on an apartment than they’re looking at a hipper neighbourhood.

No sooner have they put down the deposit on a house than they’re eyeing the bigger house down the street.

No sooner have they moved into the mansion with the swimming pool than they’re wondering why they don’t own an island.

If you’re one of these people, you’ll be working all your life.

If, instead, you’d be happy to live in a house no more expensive than the one you live in now, with a lifestyle no more extravagant than the one you have now, you might find a way to quit your job quite soon.

And if you’d be happy to live in a more modest house with a more modest lifestyle, you might find a way to quit your job right now.

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